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Wayne County ranks dead last in both health outcomes and conditions among Michigan counties, study finds

By Jack Nissen | FOX2

Wayne County ranks dead last in the state in both health factors and outcomes among Michigan's 83 counties.

Meanwhile, counties that border Wayne, including Washtenaw, Livingston, and Oakland all ranked near the top for both categories.

The new assessment out of the University of Wisconsin that measured both length and quality of life, as well as the community conditions that largely dictate a population's livelihood, put a stark contrast of health disparities on display.

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Lorrie Rutledge on the Issues

Better Health Care.
Better Health.

A bona fide health care system should include access to a higher standard of food supply for all. We need safer environments where vulnerable children and adults reside. Education in Basic anatomy & physiology and nutrition will help lower health disparities in our district. Anything less leans more toward sickness care, such as our current system.


The right to unite and collective bargaining in the workplace is paramount to protecting our working class and maintaining stability between employer and employee.  Our small businesses are the backbone of our nation, while our labor force is the heartbeat of our country.  We need to reform the 1935 National Labor Relations Act to include our newly formed 21st Century workforce.

Economic Development

The blight and squalor across Detroit and other parts of District 13 demand a new economic development system. We need a critical analysis of the dollar impacts spent to rebuild other nations versus dollars not spent on our domestic economic development. We need a domestic Marshall plan & funding put in place to address decades-old blight and squalor in our district. Studies show that blight and squalor affect our mental and physical health conditions.

Roe vs Wade

Roe v Wade is personal for me.  My husband and I had to choose between saving my life or our child's life after I contracted preeclampsia.  We chose me because we were the parents of another child and felt it best to save me.  Thank God, we all lived through the unfortunate health situation and I now have two adult sons.  I support a woman’s right to choose.



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